Why I've Decided To Run

The 14th Bristol district (North Attleboro, Attleboro, Mansfield) is in need of a political breath of fresh air, someone whom will work for working class people every day. Someone who will create pathways to assist those in pursuing the American dream. A dream that is composed by three ideals at our nation’s founding; equity, opportunity, and community. Equity continues to be a major struggle in our Commonwealth. At a time when more Americans are out of work than they have been in more recent years, we are seeing that divide widen more than ever before. Everyday citizens in our district are wondering how they will be able to provide for their families day to day. I am running on a platform that all people are entitled to the same basic needs, including the right to work and affordable health care. As your State Representative, I will support legislation that will put our Commonwealth back to work and to bridge the gap of income inequality.

At my forefront, I am committed to protecting our most vulnerable populations; including students, seniors, and veterans. I will work to reform our Commonwealth’s healthcare system without an overt government takeover and ensuring no one loses their health insurance, in order to provide coverage for every Baystater. In terms of public resources, this is an area I have fought for on the municipal level and will do so at the state level. Most notably, I will work to enhance educational opportunities for students and support measures to improve transportation by collaborating with other officials. Transparency and open government will remain core components to my leadership style.

I will support legislation to improve our elections thru common sense reforms as well as combat corruption on Beacon Hill. Additionally, I will work to preserve our Commonwealth’s biggest treasure, it’s environment in order to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We have to meet the moment to provide all of these opportunities for today and for our future. I hope you will join me in this quest to continue fighting to secure the ideals of the American dream.

About Me

My devoted public service background has always centered around improving North Attleboro and the Commonwealth. I have utilized my skill set to leverage successes in North Attleboro for the last five years in formal elected roles including RTM member, School Committee Member and a Town Councilor.

From an early age, I knew I wanted to help people from all walks of life. My first opportunity as a community advocate was at the age of 17 when threats of cuts to the North Attleboro education budget were discussed. I reached out to the town’s Finance Committee and advocated for the importance of the programs on the chopping block. Fortunately, the Finance Committee agreed to restore the funding for these vital programs. I realized the importance of President Kennedy’s words, “Anyone can make a difference, and everyone should try”. I believed that it was time for a new perspective in leadership, someone with new bold ideas. In 2017, I announced my intentions to run for School Committee.

As a School Committee member, I collectively oversaw and advocated for several successful initiatives. These included the rollout of 1:1 devices, social and emotional learning, increased transparency, lowering Full Day Kindergarten and bussing fees, updating curriculum, and long-term planning. Additionally, I advocated and saw to increases in student leadership positions and worked with state legislators to ensure a grant for the school district. I have developed positive relations with those in the teacher’s union by assisting in contract negotiations.

In 2019, I was elected to the inaugural Town Council and was appointed chair of the By-Law Study subcommittee. Since being on the Town Council, I have been a leader by advocating for several initiatives and upcoming discussions. These include senior and veteran tax relief, Green Communities Grant Program, environmental protection, and creating a forum for discussions on economic development. I am eager to respond to constituent concerns and questions and enjoy attending community-led events for Boy Scouts and other public ceremonies. I am a proud Democrat and currently work for a social services organization that assists economically disadvantaged citizens with job placement.

I proudly call North Attleboro my hometown. I graduated from NAHS and I am a first-generation college student, receiving a BA from Framingham State University. Currently, I am pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration at Northeastern University.